My 3 loves: Chinese Culture, Good Eats and Travel

I have a love – hate relationship with my own culture… there are times when I am disappointed in all things Asian, like when comedians of all ethnicity uses what they saw a ‘token’ Asian do on TV/Film/Commercial etc.; sometimes the joke is right on target – disappointing as I was.   However there are times when I am proud to know only Asians can do/say certain crazy things because we know its true but everyone else thinks we made it up for entertainment purposes.

Chinese culture has a lot of history… some were definitely modified to fit the current generation and some are just too good to forget… like during Chinese New Year, getting red envelopes for good luck and eating certain snacks to rid of those bad luck.  Did you know by rinsing your body with “Pomelo leaves boiled in water” will rid a year’s worth of bad luck? Of course, let the water cool first!  Have you ever wonder why most Asian women bounces back to their figure post baby after a month? That’s because there’s a strict 30 days confinement diet. YES, there is such a thing!

Good Eats is everywhere these days! Thanks to the ever changing palate of the food world… I know there’s been different trends (pork belly, ramen, korean food, etc…) and the appreciation for these trends extend beyond the Asian taste buds.   I grew up eating pork belly in all sorts of variation… so it was not a big deal to me, however made me appreciate the effort my mom put in those home made meals… Thank You Ma Ji (mom in slang Chinese)!

The good news is… as the economy shapes up, we all start to eat out way more than just 3 years ago and that is a great thing!  I can’t wait to taste the next wave… culinary artists… BRING IT!!

The Travel Bug… everyone gets this.. seriously.. even those with a fear of flying… like moi… ironically, I love to travel.  To name just a few beautiful cities I’ve been to… Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bora Bora, Punta Cana, Cancun, Los Angeles, Boston, Aruba, St. Martin, Bermuda, Bahamas, Louisville KY, Las Vegas… adding quite a few more since I last updated this: Copenhagen, Paris (again!), Denver,  NOLA, San Deigo…

There are so many more cities/countries I’ve never been and would love to go, like Prague, Switzerland, Sydney,Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Amsterdam…  well, I’m not independently wealthy so some of these exciting cities will have to wait for my arrival!   Where to next???


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