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My Good Eats Review: L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Central, Hong Kong

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Le Jardin) Hong Kong, China

April 2017

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 5

I am a huge fan of this man… had the luxury of gorging at his namesake restaurant at the MGM in Las Vegas, Joel Robuchon.  I am usually skeptical of tasting menus… because I feel like it’s not innovative, more like what their “hits” were at their high point and now just a norm on their menu.  However at MGM – it was definitely a MUST for the tasting menu.

Here at L’atelier de Robuchon  – we did the “a la carte”… because our friends highly recommended a few must haves and felt it was a much better choice to splurge on a 3 course meal than the tasting menu; total bill $7722 HKD, roughly about $950 USD? Not bad for a party of 4.

We had excellent starters, the amazing King Crab salad and the Lobster salad, the beautifully sashimi Langoustines with Uni and finally the Foie Gras terrains – it was gorgeously presented and the balance of each texture was stimulating to ones palate. We shared the starters and it was a good choice.

The entrees – we went for the Guinea Fowl that comes with a giant piece of Foie Gras & baby fingerling potatoes… it serves 2 (technically it really serves 3! You have the whole chicken and it was served 2 sets, Chicken breast (white meat) and then the Thighs/Legs (dark meat).  It was so rich, robust with flavors and amazingly good – I wish I had an extra stomach!  Good thing we shared with our dining partners!  We also have the Uni Spaghetti w/ egg white foam; which was too rich for one sitting (said friend) and the delicious fried sweetbreads & seasonal veggies.

Desserts – we chose the HK “Dai Pa Dong” Milk Tea – it’s said to take over 20 mins to brew! We also got the cappuccinos, which came with a lovely coffee art of their name (cheeky!) and the deconstructed banana cream pie which came in a dome! Fantastic!  And of course their delicious signature soufflés (chocolate & vanilla)!

It was an epic meal! Cannot wait to return, hopefully in a year.  Highly recommend to anyone traveling to HK and looking to enjoy some fine dining! #splurgeworthy

PS: the Guinea Fowl is like a free range chicken (less fatty) – takes a long time to cook so be prepared for the wait.  Also I would swap out the Foie Gras Terrains – not as good as other Michelin competitors like Eleven Madison Park.

Happy travels!  #HappyFoodHunting!

Cooking 101: from my kitchen

Hello bloggers!

I’m an avid home cook, been cooking since I was 11 years old and loves to experiment with all sorts of recipes.  FYI: Asian families train their daughters to cook at an early age to prep them for “potential marriage” at a young age or to take care of the family.  My mom was semi-traditional and she wanted me to learn the art of the wok so 1) I can take care of dinner while they work, 2) learn wife material cooking, & 3) just be self sufficient.  For that, I am grateful… although age 11 me, did not appreciate having to be home right after school to cook for the family while everyone went to the park to just chill.

Today I had an insane craving for Asian Style Braised Short Ribs. What makes it Asian style? Don’t know, maybe the soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil in the ingredient list? *wink* (token Asian ingredients).   Takes about 30 mins to prep (minced garlic, ginger, asian pear, mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, black pepper & dark soy – mix all ingredients – the dressing is done), boil the short ribs for about 10 mins to rid the blood & fatty deposits).  Takes a total of 2 hrs to completely braised these delish ribs (oil & salt a cast iron pot, one that is deep enough for braising, add ribs & seared all sides til slightly brown, then add 2 tblspn of brandy, cook for another 2 mins, then add the dressing, stir for a few mins and now add enough water to cover 3/4 of the ribs.  Bring to a boil for 30 mins on high, then reduce heat to low and braise the ribs for about 1hr, checking at 30 min intervals to test the softness. When the meat starts to fall off the bones – time to eat! (I paired my short ribs with sautéed kim chi!)


Happy feasting!

Taking Stock [ 2014 ]

Take it as a bucket list for right now… inspired by another blogger


Making: boring business decisions… and exciting outfit choices for my 1st Fashion Show!
Cooking: Braised Pork Belly sandwiches and HK Egg-waffles for my little one’s birthday!
Drinking: coffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Reading: fashion magazines to be ‘in-the-know’ for conversations at the work place, probably the best part of this job!
Coping: over the recent sad news of missing plane, sunken ferry and feeling empathic to those families with loved ones missing and those gone too soon
Watching: Korean Dramas 3 Days, Angel Eyes, We Got Married Global, Running Man, and re-watching YWCFTS and The Heirs
Wanting: Saint Laurent work tote in peach and Mulberry crossbody bag in lemon
Looking: forward to my annual ‘Girls’ Spa/Shop/Eat Day’ and this year, we’re getting hair treatment as well!
Playing: 2NE1 Crush album, CL solo is crazy good…  (KPop/Rap)
Wishing: my mom and all diagnosed patients a winning battle against cancer…
Enjoying: my newly purchased Chanel inspired tweed Spring jacket and green suede Jimmy Choo stilettos!
Waiting:  for Summer to really arrive and rid us of this crazy long winter!
Liking:   LINE App and all the addictive fun stickers!
Wondering: if I’ll hit mid-life crisis anytime soon, if I’ll quit my job this year and leave NYC
Loving:  my new Damier Cobalt keepall duffel and cannot wait to use it for my next travel!
Hoping: to get a new phone just because I want one…
Coveting: the Hermes Kelly 35…  I may eventually get one…
Needing: more time to sleep in with the husband…
Wearing:  Zara teal lace linen blouse, Elizabeth & James skinny blue jeans, my gifted 10yr anniversary wedding band, my ‘got a major promotion’ Tag Heuer watch, Repetto red ballet flats, and Flower Bomb perfume… Make-up by Laneige, Nars, Stila, Bare Minerals
Noticing: how fast my kids are growing and missing those cute moments
Knowing: my next career move is out West in sunny California
Thinking: of booking an international trip for Xmas
Bookmarking:  more beauty/make-up blogs than needed
Opening: to the idea of going ‘chestnut brown hair’ for the Summer
Splurging: on a mini-vacation to reward the kids when school ends!
Feeling:  all sorts of anxiousness, happiness, and acceptance…

What does your Taking Stock look like?

Inspired by A Pretty Penny who was inspired by Pip!

Following one of my Asian tradition…

Lunar New Year is around the corner… (Literally, it’s this Friday!) 

Too fancy for homes but give it a go! #RedEnvelopeWishTree
Too fancy for homes but nice center piece! #RedEnvelopeWishTree

There are so many things I love about celebrating Chinese New Year (aka Lunar New Year – for my fellow Asians: Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese), like the traditions of ‘buying a new outfit‘, ‘getting a new hair cut’, ‘buying new shoes‘!  I can’t recall all the traditions but the ones I do remember are my favorite.  So… new hair cut it is…

New Hair Cut #ChineseNewYear #Tradition
New Hair Cut #ChineseNewYear #Tradition

As a kid – Chinese New Year (CNY) is a holiday for non-stop feasting & red envelopes filled with cash… well, can you blame me?  I was told eating “candies” would bring good luck!  I seriously went to town! (which I later regret – as it led to many dental visits, ughh…)  and the more red envelopes you get, the fatter your piggy bank!!  


CNY Tradition #RedEnvelopes #Money4Kids
CNY Tradition #RedEnvelopes #Money4Kids

My fondest memory of CNY was waking up to the smell of sweet “Lien Go” – a traditional dessert made with flour, brown sugar (tons of it!) and more sugar (no wonder Asians are so prone to diabetes – yikes!!).  Tradition #1 – The whole family would gather for ‘Jo Fun’ – (traditional breakfast consists of all vegetarian dishes) and we would greet each other with “Gong Hay Fat Choy” to bring in good luck, health and wealth all in one saying.  Tradition #2 – Then the traveling begins where we would all visit our relatives to do something call “Bi-Lien”.  I believe this is to share the good luck and help circulate the happiness.  We end the day with a family dinner… again, a vegetarian meal.   Why vegetarian? Tradition #3 – on the day of CNY, it is for us to feast along with the Gods and pay respect to the living… so no killing of any kind.   

CNY lasts for about 15 days but the most important days to celebrate are a) Chinese New Year’s eve b) Chinese New Year day (briefly mentioned above) and 3) Day after Chinese New Year

On CNY eve, all families will gather for “Tien Yue Fun” – it is a tradition for families to eat this meal together as it symbolizes ‘no matter how busy we are, we have gathered to eat together, if not everyday, let this day be the one day our family meets’.

Day after CNY, is what we call “Hoy Lien”, which means ‘now that the Gods have feasted, we have their blessings to truly enjoy the new year’.   Ironic as it sounds, on CNY, we practice vegetarian however the day after, we go all out with the food!!  11 dishes consists of meats, lots of seafood and fish.

So… Gong Hay Fat Choy my fellow bloggers!! May the year of the HORSE brings many good fortunes to you and your love ones!
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