My Good Eats Review: KOI Restaurant, NYC

KOI Restaurant – NYC

June 2017

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 5

While I didn’t enjoy their KOI cousin at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas… this location is outstanding!

From the moment of getting “lost” at the entrance… to stuffing our faces with exceptional desserts; we had a wonderful dining & social experience.  Located inside the beautiful Bryant Park hotel, upon entering make a sharp right & look UP! (To avoid bothering the very nice gentleman manning the hotel elevator entrance or the concierge to your left! Although both parties will gladly point you to KOI).

They have a waiting/open area by the bar for you to grab a drink while your tardy parties arrive.  Check in with hostess and we were all set!  Although we would have preferred a “booth” seating but I guess a table will do.

KOI is very loud, trendy, dim lighting but not too dark, a mix of all ages and crowd (tourists & business peeps looking to dent their expense account! lol).  Service was attentive for the most part, although our server suffered a bit of short term memory loss… as in, forgotten who ordered what – required a bit of shuffling dishes… it just reflects poorly on an establishment – who should pride itself in knowing their patrons for the night.

KOI offers up quite a menu, starters – shared plates – signature sushi rolls – hot entrees and stand alone hand rolls.  We shared everything!

-Creamy Sea Bass Tempura! Holy sh*t! This was so good!! Comes tossed in a mild spicy sauce – the sea bass was indeed creamy, moist but the skin stayed crispy.. how?!?!

-Northernlight roll – this was good, but didn’t blow me away, however my friends loved it!

-Dragon roll – OK – I know what you’re thinking BUT don’t even! This Dragon roll was amazing! Deconstructed – topped with tons of flakey seasoned panko – mind blown!

-Skirt Steak – nothing special – it was a pre-cut steak… total skip (I wanted to try the miso cod – but our server recommended the steak).

-Braised Short Ribs – this was very tender and well seasoned – friends liked it very much.
-Sautéed Shrimps – this was OK.  Again, not blown away just good.

So based on the above it should be 3 stars, right? Well the dessert was sinfully epic! Seriously – my Do-Over would be “shared plates/rolls/desserts”!
Get the KOI Sundae!! Amazingly good!


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