My Good Eats Review: TAG, Denver

TAG Restaurant – Denver, CO (Larimer Square)

April 2016

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 4

As part of my annual conference musing, I’d always pick a #worththecalories eatery for my otherwise health conscious team.  Unfortunately because of the weather 3 of my team members couldn’t make it out to Denver.  Ugh… Snow!! & Lots of it!!   Glad we chose this restaurant over some chain (originally was going to hit up a steakhouse), and it was absolutely the perfect choice.

TAG Restaurant is located in a ‘fairy-light’ lined street with multiple boutique shops and small restaurants (almost like a restaurant row…) right next to & across from each other, in an otherwise empty street.  It’s probably because it’s still winter in Denver…

TAG inside:
Decor: open brick wall, booths in the front & back, with high/low tables, and a special 2 seater for the chef’s table.

We opted for a regular table (half booth/half seats).  Our waiter was awesome, made some recommendations and wasn’t pushy, which we appreciate because who the heck wants a hard sell over dinner?!?!  He was attentive w/o being over-bearing.

Drink: Mocktail – coconut soda! Mmm… it was surprisingly refreshing and yummy!

Appz: started w/ 1) wild mushroom gnocchi w truffle – this was so rich in taste and well balanced w the roasted garlic, the gnocchi was perfectly soft & chewy. 2) seafood potstickers – this was ok, I wasn’t too taken, the skins could be crispier, the stuffing lacked imagination for your taste buds… however the sauce was perfect! Tangy, sweet, & mildly spicy… I would rather have 2 portions of the gnocchi.

Main: NY strip steak w roasted rustic veggie, it was cooked perfectly at med-well with Asian inspired seasoning (aka soy dressing), coworker loved it.  I had their signature Miso Soy Cod – over edamame and baby sprouts.  I love white flakey fish when it’s cooked right.  This one was delicious, soaked in miso soy marinade before cooking certainly made it more tender, flakey and the edamame complimented the fish.

Closing out the night: deconstructed banana cream pie, over graham chocolate tart crust, banana cream custard, fresh bananas and torched caramelized bananas.  This dessert was very rich, might have been an over kill!  My coworker had Amaretto ice cream… Probably the better choice to end the night (after such a heavy main).   Like I said #worththecalories when traveling!

Happy feasting!

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