My Good Eats Review: Parlay, Brooklyn

Parlay – Sunset Park, Brooklyn

February 2016

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 4

Such a cute little gem – SHOUT OUT TO BROOKLYN FOOD SCENE!!!  Recently had brunch here and would definitely return for a 2nd round.

While Parlay is nestled in a very quiet street near Sunset Park, it stood out among its neighboring worn-down shops with a clean design – all glass window and dark wood trims.  Some say it’s a trend movement to overtake the used-to-be low income hood with newly hipster bound tenants; but pretty sure some of my fellow Brooklynites welcome the changing landscape.

Self Service: order your food (the limited menu is written on the chalk board), if it’s to-go, take a seat & your cashier/server/barista will call for you; if it’s coffee, she will make it on the spot.

There are about 5 tables for patrons. We were eating in, so we placed our order, paid and took our seats by the windows.  Our wonderful cashier/server/barista brought our coffee & food to us.  Sugar/milk are self-serve right by the counter.

We got a latte & cappuccino, both came with a little foamy heart, never get bored of seeing this cute stuff!


As for food: spinach & cheese omelette, a side of bacon, banana pancakes w homefries (over fruits, I’m a carb lover!). I loved my banana pancakes – it was perfectly sweet, balanced and not overwhelmed by the bananas, plus it was cooked perfectly fluffy with crispy edges!  My eating buddy enjoyed his omelette, it was well seasoned and not over powered by the cheese.  My fav though was the deliciously AWESOME Home-Freaking Fries! It was perfectly cooked – crispy all around but soft inside with loaded tastes of the infused peppers & onions.


The only thing I would change is maybe pull down the shades a bit… The mighty sun practically burned a hole in my back…!  Sit away from the window but kind of odd to stare out onto the empty streets.

I also noticed other patrons didn’t tip the cashier/server/barista – NOT nice you cheapo!!  She was the only on working and performed all 3 functions amazingly! So be kind to your multi-tasking cashier/server/barista! GOOD KARMA!

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