My Good Eats Review: Trenasse & Meauxbar, NOLA

Foodie adventure at NOLA – New Orleans, LA – the big easy

Trenasse – NOLA

April 2015

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 3

IMG_nola 3

Working at a conference in NOLA and ended up having dinner here with coworkers. Although it’s located inside the Intercontinental Hotel, the food was actually good.

The space is big and has outdoor seating, although it was raining the whole time during our trip to NOLA – it did heed long enough for us to enjoy a night dining al fresco.  You can tell the waiter is sort of ‘green’ because he couldn’t remember the menu, what the special was and had to go back and asked another waiter.  However, he makes up with his eagerness by refilling our cups plenty!

I had the smoked baked oyster with bacon and cheese; and a seafood stew that consists of a saffron broth with mussels (4), clams (3), scallops (2), shrimps (2) and snow crab legs (4 tiny ones) along with 2 slices of crostini style bread.   Would have liked more bread to soak up the delicious broth, as it was on the saltier side.  Well, both were pretty good, again a little heavy on the salt… however still better than the tourist trap we went to the previous night at Palace Café; which was disappointing and gross.

My coworkers both had the fish of the day – wasn’t memorable to me but they enjoyed it very much.

Decent price, not overly insane expensive – about $30 per person (we each also had a drink). Overall a good meal in NOLA (without all the deep fried grease).


Meauxbar – NOLA

April 2015

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 3 (took points away for bread incident!)

IMG_nola 2

Prior to traveling to NOLA for work, I had looked up recommendations from Yelpers on good eats and this one fit the bill.   I will say this… my expectations were low to begin with because I honestly didn’t see NOLA being a foodie type of town.

The location is a bit off the beaten path, I wouldn’t recommend walking to Meauxbar – take a taxi or Uber it.   At night this area looked a bit sketchy… well at least for out of towners like us.   The restaurant sits on the corner of the block (across from possibly a park… it was too dark).  The inside was also heavily draped and dark, with minimal lighting and very cozy.  We got the curve booth – which was great for our group.  Our waiter was a bit of an airhead, he often forgets to bring back certain items… like water… additional small plates for sharing… and then another waiter who serves the complimentary bread ‘accidently drops’ 2 pieces of bread on the table but proceeds to pick it up with his bare fingers and “PLACED” it right back onto the plate.   We did not appreciate that and therefore did not eat any of the free bread.

I wanted to treat my team to a nice dinner so here we go:


  • Escargot in Bone, infamous vermouth bone marrow with escargot – recommend!
  • Foie Gras, came with some sort of jam and bread – not memorable… skip!
  • Beef Tartare – pretty boring… skip!


  • Hanger Steak – pretty boring… skip!
  • Confit Chicken Leg – recommend!
  • Scallops – pretty bland… skip!
  • Gulf Fish – recommend!


  • Apple cake – recommend! (if you like apples!)
  • Chocolate trio – boring and not memorable… skip!

Total bill: $200+

I was not impressed by many of the dishes, it was either underwhelming in taste or lacked something to jazz up the flavor.   I’ve had much better Foie Gras and Beef Tartare elsewhere.  It just didn’t “WOW” us at all.  The Hanger Steak was a mix for us, since we shared our plates – 1 liked it simply because it was ‘steak’.  As for the rest of us, we felt the steak could’ve been better with a creamier sauce.  It was kind of boring, like… “oh, it’s a hanger steak”.  The Scallops was nothing special… but the Gulf Fish, which happens to be whatever fish they have on the day of, turned out to be amazing.  The skin was seared, so it was crispy with flakey meat.  It was also well seasoned with lots of leek and veggies, pretty sure that added the extra oomph to the dish.   As for dessert… I like apples, so apple cake was pretty darn good to end our meal with.

Overall, a good dining experience and would recommend visitors to take a trip and enjoy the meal!


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