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TAKING STOCK [   2016   ]

  • Making: plans for annual girls’ trip, contenders include: TOKYO vs. PRAGUE… with recent events impacting EU… we might opt for TOKYO…
  • Cooking: old favorites like veal picatta, roast chicken drums, oxtail stew, Spanish flan and crème brulee… as friends were complaining that I haven’t made them in years.
  • Baking: mini version of pies & flan, turns out it’s better to serve your guest their individual dessert to prevent fighting! LOL
  • Drinking: Starbucks holiday coffee! My fav is still the Crème Brulee Latte!
  • Wanting: to take a month long vacation with my family before my kids feel ‘we’re too old’ to hang with them! Ha Ha
  • Looking: forward to my 2016 travels, next up Denver, CO (never been… hope we don’t get snowed in!), Bahamas with the kids and my annual trip with the girls to TOKYO!
  • Wishing: for a much more peaceful and prosperous 2016!
  • Enjoying: new iPad Mini to replace my old one
  • Wondering: if relocating to Cali still a good idea…?
  • Loving:  my new Adidas Sam Smith Original kicks and MCM pink backpack
  • Hoping: to see my old friends more often instead of the once a year dinners… tsk tsk
  • Coveting: a new watch… possibly a new Cartier…
  • Wearing: comfy sweats for the winter break… 2 weeks downtime… awesome!
  • Bookmarking:  great reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisors and wishlist items from Sephora to add to my collection.
  • Splurging: on my family more this year… just because.
  • Feeling:  anxious, worrisome, and not yet sure why things are happening around the world

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