My Good Eats Review: Couleur Café – Park Slope, Brooklyn

Couleur Café – Park Slope, Brooklyn

November 2015

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 2.5 – decent brunch place

 I like this place, it’s very cute, cozy (aka small) and the service was great (slow but very nice).  Came here for breakfast on a rainy, gloomy Thursday morning and despite the unwelcome weather, we enjoyed our food at Couleur Café.   Maybe because I had just returned from my Paris trip – I was craving French inspired cuisine around town.

Like to point out, the place is small so come early and grab a table, seat yourself and someone will come by with a menu.  Since we went on a weekday, it wasn’t crowded but I can only imagine the chaos on weekend brunch!  There’s no waiting area and stroller parking (it’s a norm in this hood) is actually outside the café.   You won’t miss it, it has an old charm feel with blue painted borders highlighting its name.

Food: we got eggs benedict and crepes (Latin quarter, crepe w Nutella and banana), plain croissant and chai tea latte, and a French press coffee.  Food was decent, I mean – as long as you don’t burn the crepes, everything with Nutella will make it taste great.  The eggs benedict could be better… lacked creative presentation or just something to make it stand out.  Now my French pressed coffee was really weak – – that is unacceptable for a ‘French style café’!  Geez… at least make the coffee taste as good as it should transfer you to Paris for a moment!   We’ve had better eggs benedict, better crepes and definitely better French pressed coffee elsewhere but what the food lacks, this place has a very intimate homely feel to it and the service made up for that.

Service was very nice, the waitress forgot our croissant and gave it to us on the house.   That’s a plus in customer service.  Would I come back?  Sure… with low expectation and probably skip the coffee and grab a tea.

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