Social Life: The 3rd Annual DramaFever Award in NYC

What is the Drama Fever Award?  #DramaFever is a web hosting site where one can watch Asian featured TV series, reality, variety shows and films.  Each year, DF rounds up a celebration toasting actors & actresses featured in Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese television series, movies, and variety shows.  Let’s just call this a “Fan Award Event“.

My first time attending the DF award celebration, got dolled up (hair by co-worker! double french braids!) and in one word… FUN! Although frigid weather in NYC threw us a curve ball call ‘negative temps’… we still managed to enjoy ourselves at the Hudson Theater.

Selfie at 2014 DramaFeverAward
Selfie at 2014 DramaFeverAward

Let’s get the basic outta the way:

We got the VIP Gold tix [package includes: Open bar cocktail hour from 6 – 7pm; chance to meet DF staff members (not sure why this would be a perk?); seatings behind the VIP Platinum (really just 3 tables); a goodie bag (mostly sponsored by Toyota) and finger food.  My only gripe (or a few) – poor planning left the VIP guests waiting on a long line to get into the venue, finger food were unappetizing, VIP Gold seats were limited to the aisles and 1 center row in the back. The front 2 rows – assume it is reserved for sponsor’s friends & family.  Then there’s Mr. Clipboard – who refuses to let us choose our own seating – weirdo didn’t want us to take up a back row, however another party came and he allowed them to take those seats.  There’s no pre-assigned seats – – not sure if Mr. Micro-Manager knows that. LOL

Although the invite says “dress to impress in cocktail attire” – we chose to go with smart casual because it’s not the Golden Globes. My outfit: Elizabeth & James jacket & jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs top, & Cole Haan boots (frigid weather calls for it!); my buddy: Zara jacket, Ben Sherman shirt & jeans, YSL boots.  Let’s just say we were extremely happy going smart casual.


The FUN!

What made this night so fun? Seeing all the fans scream whenever their favorite (Bias) actors/actresses’ name get call out or their images flashes on the stage screen.   The atmosphere was a combination of thrill, silly and fangirl mania.

5urprised at 2014 DramaFeverAward
5urprised at 2014 DramaFeverAward

Seo Kang Joon at 2014 DramaFeverAward

Seo Kang Joon at 2014 DramaFeverAward

Kim Jong Kook at 2014 DramaFeverAward
Kim Jong Kook at 2014 DramaFeverAward

We got to see #SeoKangJoon from #5urprise, a male actor-idol group performed, receiving love from #KimSooHyun, #JoInSung via recorded web messages and see #KimJongKook, #theTiger from #Runningman speak to his fans in English.  If you are a drama fan, you won’t be disappointed! Verdict – well worth the money spent!

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