My Good Eats Review: Ippudo, NY (Ramen)


Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 5 – RAMEN HEAVEN!

October 2013, March 2014, & October 2014

I was on a mission to try all the top 10 listed as the best Ramen joints in NYC.  Been to #8 Momofuku (didn’t write a review cuz it was too darn long ago), but this summer I made it to #10 Chuko in BK, and #1 Totto and #2 Ippudo.  Not sure who wrote that article but think they might need to revisit their #1 & #2 spots.

The entire Ippudo experience was awesome! The decor is modern and love the welcoming shout out. Yes, it may be a bit commercialized but the food backs it up! Wait time 1 min!! We got there at 11:55am before the lunch crowd,  although it was packed already inside. When we left, there were over 20 waiting peeps.

We ate: Pork Buns for starters – so mouth watering good, the pork belly was smoked braised, tender and perfectly trimmed (layer of meat +layer of fat + layer of meat + top skin); mixed w a tint of dressing, and simple lettuce = belly happiness!  happy belly.

Now, the heavenly broth w ramen and fixings.. I had the Modern and my tasting partner had the Tonkatsu. We both felt a bit gluttonly so we tagged on extra egg, extra charshu and what the heck, bamboo shoots too!

Mondern was freaking awesome! Chili miso paste added a pinch of kick, and the sliced woodear, added the crunch, with everything else – it was one happy medium for body, tummy & soul!

The Tonkatsu looked really good as well but since I didn’t get to try it, I will take my tasting partner’s word for it (greedy bastard wouldn’t share even a taste! Arrgghhh) – so will need to return and try it myself.

Ramen Heaven,  Modern & Tonkatsu, Ippudo, NYC
Ramen Heaven, Modern & Tonkatsu, Ippudo, NYC

The service was great, friendly and very loud! We had to yell to each other. Fun experience! Will be returning when Fall really hits.. Mmm….


Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 5 – RAMEN HEAVEN!

July 2014

PS: Ippudo Westside is a bit larger than the original Ippudo, Astor Place

I love Ippudo Westside so my expectation is the same for the original.  Went during the Summer for my girls spa day out – and ended on a high note and a “mighty” full stomach!

Started with the mix of original pork buns and buffalo spicy pork bun. They were A-Mazing! The original pork buns are sweet and the buffalo style is savory & spicy mixed together. Just perfection as starters.  Japanese cucumber salad, crisp, fresh and delicious! We all got the modern and loved every drop of that broth!  Like “empty bowl” kind of love…  Perfectly cooked med-well egg…  Honestly, my other review says it all… just perfect to the last noodle.   So hungry writing this review…

Overall… who reign supreme in ramen you ask? effing IPPUDO!


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