Inspired by another blogger

TAKING STOCK  [   2015   ]

  • Making: plans for my big 4-0 bday trip, contenders include: Copenhagen, Paris & Tokyo – why because they have the most Michelin Star chefs for the tasting!
  • Cooking: Korean influenced dishes like Kim Chi Jigae (pork belly, tofu & kim chi stew), Yuk Jae Jang (shredded brisket stew with veggies & noodle), and seafood pancakes.
  • Baking: pecan pies, molten cakes and a new found love for using chocolate in everything!
  • Drinking: Flat White Coffee… I don’t know how I feel about it yet and Angry Orchard Peach Beer
  • Reading: boring text books and studying for a certification
  • Coping: with the loss of my mom…
  • Watching: The Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory, Kdrama Healer, and my kids grow.
  • Wanting: to remodel my closet, may be sell off a few items…
  • Looking: forward to my travels, next up NOLA, Las Vegas, San Diego and my 4-0 bday trip with my girls!
  • Wishing: every working mama a great 2015! Let’s kick some A$$!
  • Enjoying: my Xmas gift from hubby, which is the limited edition Hello Kitty Beats Solo 2!
  • Waiting:  for open-toe season!  My feet need pampering.
  • Wondering: if I’m ready to be a home owner…
  • Loving:  my new Balenciaga navy lambskin clutch crossbody bag!
  • Hoping: to land another job, not really feeling this one.
  • Coveting: the Hermes Kelly 35, the Apple Watch and a Chanel Caviar Jumbo.
  • Needing: some major R&R…
  • Wearing: Alexander Wang Tee, Elizabeth & James sweater, JBrand straight leg jeans
  • Buying: new cardigans and flip flops for 2015.
  • Noticing: a few new white hair… OMG!
  • Thinking: about taking a spur-of-the-moment trip to Hong Kong.
  • Bookmarking:  all the great reviews on Yelp and places to eat on Trip Advisors!
  • Opening: to the idea of ‘going blonde’ for the Spring… excited!
  • Splurging: on a luxurious trip for my birthday this year!
  • Feeling:  at peace, content and nostalgic…

What does your Taking Stock look like?

Inspired by A Pretty Penny who was inspired by Pip!

What are you thinking?

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