My Good Eats Review: David Burke Fabrick, NYC

David Burke Fabrick, NYC

December 2014

Rating: 1 (not edible) to 5 (food heaven!): A Solid 3

Had dinner here last night with a few girlfriends and we all loved the atmosphere, services, appetizers and desserts! However our entrees left us wanting more… flavors? texture? Not sure but something was definitely missing for both entrees…

We had reservation so there was no wait time and our server was very attentive. She explained the menu and took time to go over how certain dishes were made. TIP: left hand side of menu = appetizers  & right hand side are entrees

Appetizers: Angry Octopus Tacos, candied bacon, & Panna avocado cotta – all were very good. Would have liked the angry tacos to be “angrier”! If you’re not a fan of octopus, go for the shrimp. Candied bacon were so tasty – thick cut bacon roasted in a syrupy glaze… mmm…  I wasn’t a huge fan of the avocado dip, bc I like my avocado in chunks NOT baby-food puree! But the girls loved it.

Desserts: we shared the gimmicky “Burke-n-bag” – chocolate hazelnut purse w wafer cookie bottom; and the seasonal “candy cane mint donut”. Both were mouth watering goodness!

Delicious Burke-N-Bag at Fabrick, NYC
Delicious Burke-N-Bag at Fabrick, NYC

OK – entrees… this was a ‘miss’ for us.. we shared the Bronx Filet w bone marrow… your server will cut & plate it for you,  the marrow wasn’t as cooked as we would’ve like… as it DID NOT spread like butter… (had bone marrow at other steakhouses and it does melt in your mouth!). We also asked how the chef would recommend the steak cooked, med-rare. Turns out it was A-LOT redder than we wanted.. the texture of the meat was on the chewy side and it lacked flavor… although the rosemary fragrance was a nice touch but did not add value.

Bronx Filet for 2, more like for 3!  at Fabrick, NYC
Bronx Filet for 2, more like for 3! at Fabrick, NYC

We also had the grilled whole branzino – a white flakey fish which they de-boned for you. This one is a total skip… dried, lackluster in taste and the pineapple marmalade was useless… We got a side of potato & cheese fritters – it tasted like bread. Thought it would be softer, so not needed.

Prepare to be eaten kiss goodbye, Fabrick, NYC
Prepare to be eaten kiss goodbye, Fabrick, NYC

Overall,  a good experience with mediocre entrees.  Not sure if I’d like to give it another go… with a price tag of $380 total bill… it’s a toss up.


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