Taking Stock [ 2014 ]

Take it as a bucket list for right now… inspired by another blogger


Making: boring business decisions… and exciting outfit choices for my 1st Fashion Show!
Cooking: Braised Pork Belly sandwiches and HK Egg-waffles for my little one’s birthday!
Drinking: coffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Reading: fashion magazines to be ‘in-the-know’ for conversations at the work place, probably the best part of this job!
Coping: over the recent sad news of missing plane, sunken ferry and feeling empathic to those families with loved ones missing and those gone too soon
Watching: Korean Dramas 3 Days, Angel Eyes, We Got Married Global, Running Man, and re-watching YWCFTS and The Heirs
Wanting: Saint Laurent work tote in peach and Mulberry crossbody bag in lemon
Looking: forward to my annual ‘Girls’ Spa/Shop/Eat Day’ and this year, we’re getting hair treatment as well!
Playing: 2NE1 Crush album, CL solo is crazy good…  (KPop/Rap)
Wishing: my mom and all diagnosed patients a winning battle against cancer…
Enjoying: my newly purchased Chanel inspired tweed Spring jacket and green suede Jimmy Choo stilettos!
Waiting:  for Summer to really arrive and rid us of this crazy long winter!
Liking:   LINE App and all the addictive fun stickers!
Wondering: if I’ll hit mid-life crisis anytime soon, if I’ll quit my job this year and leave NYC
Loving:  my new Damier Cobalt keepall duffel and cannot wait to use it for my next travel!
Hoping: to get a new phone just because I want one…
Coveting: the Hermes Kelly 35…  I may eventually get one…
Needing: more time to sleep in with the husband…
Wearing:  Zara teal lace linen blouse, Elizabeth & James skinny blue jeans, my gifted 10yr anniversary wedding band, my ‘got a major promotion’ Tag Heuer watch, Repetto red ballet flats, and Flower Bomb perfume… Make-up by Laneige, Nars, Stila, Bare Minerals
Noticing: how fast my kids are growing and missing those cute moments
Knowing: my next career move is out West in sunny California
Thinking: of booking an international trip for Xmas
Bookmarking:  more beauty/make-up blogs than needed
Opening: to the idea of going ‘chestnut brown hair’ for the Summer
Splurging: on a mini-vacation to reward the kids when school ends!
Feeling:  all sorts of anxiousness, happiness, and acceptance…

What does your Taking Stock look like?

Inspired by A Pretty Penny who was inspired by Pip!

What are you thinking?

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