My mini-vaca (holiday) to LA… Koreatown!

Business in the morning and [fill in the blank] at night! *wink wink*

What’s the best way to capitalize on a business trip? Plan out your personal time, must see places to hit and definitely checkout the food scenes!  I lucked out with great food in Koreatown, Viet town and little Tokyo for awesome ramen.  Not to mention my 2 MUST eats #DinTaiFung #InNOutburger when in Cali,  never miss!!

I never knew Cali has such a food scene… so not only am I jelly of their awesome weather but now I am adding #KoreanAYCE and my favorite #TaiwaneseShaveIce to that list! If you’ve never experienced both… you have yet to live my fellow bloggers.  I over indulged and here’s why…  Korean BBQ – soju and grilled meats, not just any meat.. but tender ribeye, short ribs, succulent pork belly, pork neck and thinly sliced beef steak. All dipped with a vinegar, soy, garlic & spicy sauce… my mouth still waters just thinking of it. Mmm…  For dessert, we had #TaiwaneseShaveIce tiny shaved ice particle served in a waffle bowl, flavored with lychee (or other fruit flavors), red beans, mochi, cap-n-crunch,  & condensed milk drizzled all over! #HappyBelly!

Shout out to my Cali family & friends, til next time, good eating!




At Snow Station in LA… delicious Taiwanese Shaved Ice!



At Caffe Bene – Korean Style Shaved Ice!



Lovely Ribeye – Kalbi BBQ – in Koreatown/LA!



KimChi Fried Rice – lunch box presentation!




In-N-Out Burger double patties, milk shakes! Only in the West…



Tasty Ramen in a surprising location… inside the Matsuwa Market! Right?!?! So good…

Oh and I made a side trip to splurge on my #KoreanMakeup fix!  LOL


#loveLaneigeIOPE #BestforAsianSkins

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